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Machine Tending / Material Handling

Automation of factory operations has become the go to method to save time and capital. The introduction of material handling systems and machine tending have fundamentally altered how production lines operate. This is why so many in the manufacturing industry are turning to material handling automation companies. 


There are many options coming out of the robotic automation field that can accommodate your specific needs. Here are some examples of the benefits of robotic material handling systems and how you can get ahead of the competition

How Does a Material Handling Robot Work?

Material handling automation is a staple for your end of line. This robotic equipment uses artificial intelligence (AI) to act as the conductor of the production process.These robots will record and maintain data such as transport items and move finished products faster and more efficiently. They are also charged with maintaining control of storage and movement of goods.


To achieve the optimal levels of success, automated handling equipment revolves around safely transporting objects and finished products from existing workflows to storage for shipment. By using this material handling automation equipment manufacturers can meet customer needs, shorter delivery times, and lower overhead costs. 

The actions and technology upstream and downstream are important to the success of integrating a RIOS robot. RIOS is a systems integrator, ensuring seamless technology integration throughout the process line.


What Is a Machine Tending Robot?

Robotic tending is programmed hardware designed to on and off load product from the end of an assembly line. These workcells are designed to keep the warehouse flow of production going by preventing machine failure on the line. The capabilities of the robotic handling device falls down to preferences of producers. 


The benefits of investing in robotic machine automation systems is one of the best moves your can in our current economic climate. Machine tending automation is becoming indispensable in expanding your company.


Their flexibility beats out fixed systems, increasing speed and performance. These workcells carry out their individual, designated task. But they can also provide to service multiple machines throughout the day. Its secondary operations offer producers insights they have never would have imagined.

Machine Tending Robot Astra: Features

Manages continuous flow of boxes;
handling crates, bins, totes, etc.

Integrates and works with existing line