RIOS was founded at the end of 2018, in Palo Alto, by former Xerox PARC engineers holding PhDs in engineering and physics. We’re technologists at heart, and we’re always thinking about the next hard problem to solve. Back in 2018, we aspired to become one of the architects of the next wave of technological revolution. When we looked at the robotics space, we saw a massive failure of so-called modern robots to meet people’s expectations (i.e., existing robots are primitive and are light years away from Rosie the robot). Human-level dexterity was elusive – and after decades, grasping remained one of the Holy Grails of robotics. We saw a need for a disruptive technology stack, and we knew it would take a world-changing company and extraordinary people to build it. That’s why we founded RIOS.



RIOS is a VC-backed company that develops bleeding-edge robotics hardware and software. Like all world-changing companies, especially hardware startups, funding such an ambitious deeptech enterprise at its nascent stage is not for the faint of heart. It takes real foresight and grit to make a bet when it is not obvious to most people on the planet.

We are truly fortunate and honored to have partnered with the following visionary investors who made this endeavor possible, and who relentlessly continue to support us during these unprecedented times:

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