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Smart Factory


Proteins | Fresh and Frozen | Dry Packaged Goods | Bakery | Confectionary | Tray Handling


Elysium smart factory offering enables you to completely automate the last frontier in your factory. RIOS robotic workcell modules seamlessly integrate to bring robots 2.0 into pack lines.

Automation technology is now available to help solve the factory problems of today and ensure old line production is elevated with the best-in-class American technology. Link smart, fast modules together and elevate your product handling to meet your business needs today and in the future.

Full Warehouse 2.png

AI Power Pack Line Synergy

Each module brings technology to the forefront of each task electrifying the synergy between each step of old line process. The full stack technology modernizes and elevates data to manage the business of today and create opportunities for future growth.


The actions and technology upstream and downstream are capably linked for product flow and operational efficiency. RIOS-Net Tech Stack builds a premier integration and offers a superior user experience. These innovations are readily available in Robots as a Service, requiring no capital expenditure.

RIOS Still Render Progress 2.png

The actions and technology upstream and downstream are important to the success of integrating a RIOS robot. RIOS is a systems integrator, ensuring seamless technology integration throughout the process line.

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