Factory Automation-as-a-Service

Leading-edge automation at affordable costs

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World-leading automation is no longer a luxury for the enterprises of tomorrow

We pioneered the robots-as-a-service (RaaS) business model for robotic workcells, and through a factory automation-as-a-service agreement, RIOS provides world-class automation packaged with an all-inclusive service at zero upfront capital costs.

The actions and technology upstream and downstream are important to the success of integrating a RIOS robot. RIOS is a systems integrator, ensuring seamless technology integration throughout the process line.

Benefits of robots-as-a-service to customers

Premier Service

  • All-inclusive service including installation, 24x7 monitoring, support, maintenance, and upgrades

  • We remain your sole point of contact in dealing with entities in the effort to bring you factory-wide automation

Immediate ROI

  • Zero CapEx

  • 40-60% savings from day one


  • Greater insights, control, and data visibility across processes, enabling stakeholders to make informed data-driven decisions

  • Ability to monitor your entire supply chain and predict when potential problems are going to arise


  • Reliable workforce that can scale with consumer demand

  • Machines work 1.5-2x faster than human operators


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