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Pack Out to Polybags

Pack everything in polybags

packaging video assets (3)(1)
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HERMES is engineered to pack the broadest range of SKUs into polybags at double the speed of human operators. It tracks objects at microseconds speeds due to its lightweight, low-latency AI-powered vision algorithms.


Incoming and Outgoing

Manages continuous flow of products, handling goods in crates, bins, totes, etc.

Able to pick many products and a variety of weights

Unloading various equipment or conveyors

Accommodates items of various dimensions and sizes

Adaptable to larger applications

Handles 40-60 items per minute

Operation & Performance

RIOS rapidly deploys workcells to get customer operations running smoothly. RaaS includes installation, acceptance testing, ongoing support, and preventative maintenance.

Up to 60 Items
Per Minute

In Days

1.5x faster than human operator

99.9 % accuracy

Data to future proof business

“RIOS is a necessary piece of the puzzle to help our customers meet production goals and grow year over year with limited labor resources.”

Michael Thomas Ward, Material Handling Specialist/Engineer
V & H Material Handling

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Bring a scalable robotic workforce to your factory

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