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Our DX-1 robots possess  higher levels of capabilities and cognitive skills than today's robots. DX-1 handles complex tasks requiring human-level dexterity and operate autonomously  in unstructured environments.

Automation at scale has never been so seamless. We're industry agnostic - we automate in a broad range of industries including manufacturing, food services, agriculture, chemical, retail, pharmaceutical, logistics, etc.

Manual labor factories are not sustainable

 Factories relying heavily on human labor can't address surges in customer demands. Many of these low-paying jobs are extremely strenuous for  human beings — this yields high labor turnover and labor shortage.


In addition, supply chain infrastructures relying solely on human operators are not resilient.


“We were blown away by the capabilities of RIOS robots. Several major robotic companies told us that our factory tasks were impossible to automate. ”

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 RIOS provides all-inclusive automation solutions for your factory. We build, deploy, and maintain full robotic  workcells. The service cost, which is mostly OpEx, is priced competitively with the cost of using human operators.


This robots-as-a-service (RaaS) model requires practically no upfront capital commitment.  RaaS allows you to outsource a capital intensive part of your business, avoid hefty upfront costs, and offload risks. 


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