Title: Product Manager
Company: RIOS Corporation
Location: Palo Alto, CA
Start Date: 2021

RIOS, founded in 2018, is a technology company helping global customers automate their factories, warehouses, and supply chain operations by deploying a new class of dexterous AI-powered robots. RIOS robots handle hard-to-automate tasks, typically requiring human-level dexterity, in unstructured environments. RIOS is headquartered in Palo Alto, CA and has a pilot facility in San Carlos, CA. More information is available at www.rios.ai.

Job Description

We are looking for a seasoned product manager who can identify customer needs, drive product vision, work closely with our core engineering team to define product requirements, handle logistics, coordinate resources, and guide the team through key milestones in building the product. The product manager will also be responsible for identifying and tracking key performance indicators (KPIs) that inform product satisfaction.  

Key Responsibilities

• Understand customers’ needs in depth, and synthesize and prioritize product requirements
• Drive product development with a team of world-class engineers, contract manufacturers, designers, and product specialists
• Build out specifications documents, product roadmaps, and Gantt charts
• Manage product execution and align the engineering team to deliver within schedule
• Coordinate with the engineering team to get realistic effort estimates on new features
• Make the right trade-offs between features, cost, engineering complexity and other factors.
• Prioritize meeting customer requirements while also optimizing against RIOS's strategic roadmap
• Identify and resolve issues that may impair the team’s ability to meet strategic and technical goals
• Launch new products and features, test their performance, and iterate quickly

Skills & Qualifications

• Bachelor’s degree, preferably in engineering, and/or robotics 
• MBA or Master’s degree a plus
• 3+ years of product management experience
• Proven previous experience in end-to-end product lifecycle (concept through deployment and maintenance) is required.
• Experience managing day-to-day technical and design direction
• Experience and a deep understanding of needs from working with customers in factories, manufacturing environments, warehouses, e-• • commerce, etc.
• Experience communicating with customers, delineating product features, KPIs that meet the customers’ needs
• Passion for building transformational products in fast-paced, cross-functional environments