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Automating the 'Last Mile' in Factories with Dexterous AI-Powered Robots

Posted on Robotics 24/7 on September 10, 2021, Dr. Bernard Casse authored an article titled, " Automating the 'Last Mile' in Factories with Dexterous AI-Powered Robots." The article outlines how despite pushing manufacturing and factories to be more automated, they are still very labor driven and the labor shortage is real.

Dr. Bernard Casse outlines with data how factories and manufacturing facilities are dependent on labor and have not added robots and automation to address the very real shortage in the workforce.​

  • 345 million people on the factory floor

  • Less that 2 million industrial robots

  • Humans handle 72% of manufacturing tasks

  • 2019, 7.6 million unfilled jobs in the US/

​These facts outline where we are at with low skilled/unskilled strenuous jobs. This is compounded by labor turnover.

Dr. Casse brings to light multiple themes in this article:

  • The pandemic exposed the fragility of out labor-driven supply chain infrastructure

  • The answer to a resilient and scalable infrastructure lies in automation and robots 2.0

  • Dexterous, AI-powered robots are designed to handle hard-to-automated tasks in factories

  • Robots-as-a-Service (RaaS) business model for new incumbents

  • It's time for organizations to experiment and innovate

Read the full article at Robotics 24/7

RIOS develops and deploys dexterous AI-powered robots to factory assembly lines and warehouses to help global customers automate their supply chain or logistics operations. We’ve developed a first-of-its-kind haptic intelligence platform for robots – this enables our robot to handle hard-to-automate tasks that typically require human-level-dexterity and involve manipulating thousands of SKUs. Our robots possess higher levels of dexterity, cognitive skills, and autonomy than today's robots and operate in unstructured environments. ​ Many companies are connecting with our team of automation experts to learn more about opportunities within their facilities to integrate robotic automation. RIOS encourages you to reach out very soon. You can sign up to be the first to know and get your spot on the waiting list:

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