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Automation Sees a Path as Labor Shortages Persist

Robotic sales have increased considerably. ​ Anna Wells, Executive Editor of IEN, highlights several key news on the booming industrial market. Citing reports from the AMT, the Association for Manufacturing Technology, and the Federal Reserve warnings of supply and labor shortages, despite a strong economy, were limiting business's ability to meet demand.

Labor shortages will continue to hamper businesses ability to maximize growth. Many organizations are analyzing operations and looking to automation as a way out. ​ The Association for Advancing Automation reported that orders for robotics ballooned by 20 percent in quarter one of 2021, and all factors lead to more businesses and industry incorporating automation. ​ Jeff Burnstein, president of A3, offers insights and perspective as well as Kelly Kamlager of RIOS who states, "It is increasingly cumbersome to deliver complex product solutions to customers as rapidly as humanly possible. Yet becoming faster is a critical competitive advantage for production." ​ Anna Wells continues with insights on how to make choices to positively impact productivity. ​​ Read the full article

RIOS develops and deploys dexterous AI-powered robots to factory assembly lines and warehouses to help global customers automate their supply chain or logistics operations. We’ve developed a first-of-its-kind haptic intelligence platform for robots – this enables our robot to handle hard-to-automate tasks that typically require human-level-dexterity and involve manipulating thousands of SKUs. Our robots possess higher levels of dexterity, cognitive skills, and autonomy than today's robots and operate in unstructured environments. ​ Many companies are connecting with our team of automation experts to learn more about opportunities within their facilities to integrate robotic automation. RIOS encourages you to reach out very soon. You can sign up to be the first to know and get your spot on the waiting list:

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