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RIOS In the News

Emerging Startups 2023: Top Manufacturing Tech Startups

Exciting news! Our robotics startup, RIOS Intelligent Machines, has been recognized as a "minicorn" by Tracxn in its "Emerging Startups 2023: Top Manufacturing Tech Startups." Tracxn selects high growth and high potential companies making an impact in new-age sectors, with a focus on market size, investment, execution excellence, and future growth prospects.

The Manufacturing Tech sector is thriving, with over 5,300 startups and an overall funding of USD 26.4B in 1,500 companies. Investors such as Insight Partners, BDC, and Y Combinator are heavily invested in this sector, particularly in the robotics, digital twin, and quality management business models.

Tracxn keeps a close eye on the latest developments in the startup world and its ecosystems, including venture capital funds and investment banks. Their "Manufacturing Tech startups 2023" list is a curated selection of the most promising startups in the industry, from around the world.

The Emerging Startup Series includes Unicorns (companies with over $1 billion valuation), Soonicorns (high-valued companies with good chances of becoming Unicorns), and Minicorns (early-stage companies with potential to be Unicorns in the long term).

As a minicorn, RIOS Intelligent Machines is a high-growth early stage venture (Series A+) with great potential to drive not juust our own success, but that of our customers as well. By leveraging our cutting-edge technology, we empower our customers to stay ahead of the curve, tackle new challenges, and expand their customer base. In short, we are dedicated to fueling the success of our customers and driving growth for their businesses. Keep an eye on us as we take our business to the next level!

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