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RIOS In the News

IndustrialSage News Highlights RIOS Achievements In Multi-SKU Palletizing Workcells

RIOS Intelligent Machines was recently featured on IndustrialSage News for its multi-SKU palletizing workcells and the conceptualization of the factory of the future. RIOS designs multi-SKU palletizing workcells to assist with picking up the slack.

Due to the labor crisis, facilities all over the world are being forced to search elsewhere for answers. Automated palletizing solutions have become a go-to source for producers.

RIOS sees its VULCAN workcell as the unrivaled automation solution for the consumer-packaged goods industry. The mixed-SKU palletizing robotic suite uses AI-powered vision for object recognition and identification, which analyzes the most efficient way to stack and store products.

These intelligent robots come in three different models: interleaved, column-stacked, and hollow core. This allows materials and goods of any size or shape to be moved and stored on a floor.

To move the overall sector into Industry 4.0, RIOS is engineering machines that allow for a smooth transition to automation -- no matter the size of a warehouse. Workcells can be modified and integrated into existing factory workflows without downtime. As we say, "Let our AI-powered robots do the heavy lifting." This is only the beginning for RIOS. The industrial automation company is looking to expand its existing robotic fleet to create a complete suite of full stack robotics hardware, harnessing the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning. This includes automating all aspects of production, movement, and packaging.

Founded by a group of engineers that saw disastrous results with existing industrial robotics in factories, they decided to dedicate themselves to innovating intelligent machines. RIOS is looking to give all companies access to smart automation for their factories, warehouses, and supply chain operations.

Whether your goal is to automate labor-intensive tasks or create a full-scale "lights-out" factory, RIOS will support your future goals into the 21st century and beyond.

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