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Michael Benedict of RIOS to Speak at DesignCon on Faster RIO for Manufacturers

Michael Benedict, Head of Product at RIOS Intelligent Machines, will be one of the speakers at the DesignCon panel Maintaining Manufacturing ROI for Engineering Startups. This panel will look at how Return on Investment (ROI) can be achieved at a faster rate using various techniques, including industrial automation and robotics.

"Knowing how to approach manufacturing can be hard for any company," Dr. Benedict explains. "For startups it's that much more difficult. Join me and other expert panelists at DesignCon for a discussion on the particulars of manufacturing ROI for startups."

As the website description says, "DesignCon is the premier high-speed communications and system design conference and exposition, offering industry-critical engineering education in the heart of electronics innovation -- Silicon Valley." (

Attendees can expect insights into how to make their operations more efficient and productive, so they can see higher profit margins faster. This panel was designed to bring together experts to reflect on what trends from the previous year and the new ones emerging in 2023.

"At this event you will learn the best approaches to scaling your manufacturing operations," Dr. Benedict says. "By leveraging your existing resources and workforce, you can run more efficiently to meet tight deadlines on a small budget."

RIOS Intelligent Machines is re-industrializing America by building the vital infrastructures to advance the industrial automation sector. Our mission is to transform old-line industries into AI-powered robotic smart factories of the future.

DesignCon is a two-day seminar being held at the Chiphead Theater in Santa Clara, CA. You can see Dr. Benedict on Wednesday, February 1st from 1:45 PM - 2:30 PM PT. For more information, follow the link here.

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