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RIOS In the News

Pandemic Accelerates Tech and Robotics

Ramar Foods would like to introduce Maipao, an essential team member joining the food production line at the Filipino branch.

Mark Niu, a reporter for CGTN America, presents: "Pandemic accelerates tech and robotics." PJ Cascada, Vice President at Ramar Foods, is incorporating RIOS Intelligent Machines robotic workcells to accelerate their business. Maipao, a rentable robot by RIOS, works at twice the speed of humans with the backing of AI algorithms.

By adding Maipao to the team, Ramar upskilled their valuable employees and placed them where it matters most. Robots as a Service (RaaS) requires zero upfront capital costs and enabled businesses, like Ramar Foods, to access world-leading automation and a scalable robotic workforce.

Ramar can now assess their valuable people and place them where it matters most as Maipao is a robot that complements the existing labor force. With this high function level, RaaS contributes to overall production success.

Watch the video to hear PJ Cascada describe Maipao in the Ramar Foods production facility.

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