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RIOS In the News

Rent-a-Robot and Our Tight Labor Market

TheBulwark calls out RIOS Intelligent Machines as a firm that is helping to move robotics into new sectors of the economy and into small- and medium-sized firms through robots-as-a-service model. The robotic systems offered are more nimble, smarter, and more efficient than previous robot predecessors and are also cost-effective in helping firms overcome constraints posed by capex.

With near one million manufacturing jobs open, robots may prove to be part of the solution of the nation’s long-term labor shortage.

With a RaaS model (robots-as-a-service), robotic machines are taking over repetitive or labor-intensive tasks that workers do not want to perform, such as machine tending, packing boxes, or loading trays, among many other dull tasks. The robots are quite adept at adapting to product changes and achieve production throughput goals for the organization. Robots are quickly moving from the exotic to the every day with programs like RaaS and AI-powered dexterous robotic workcells.

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