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RIOS Educates Material Handling Experts on the Latest in Robotics and Automation at MHEDA

MHEDA (Material Handling Equipment Distributors Association) has introduced "Executive Idea Exchange." This is a one-day networking event that will bring together material handling executives, managers, and decision makers in a "fun, fast and informative format." MHEDA aims to assist manufacturers by implementing collaboration to resolve fundamental issues in the current system. These problems include managing labor, running factory floors and meeting post-COVID demand.

Customers are finding roadblocks at every turn when attempting to meet and exceed production speed. One solution that has demonstrated enormous successes is the automation of assembly lines. The reality is that our current warehouse infrastructure cannot keep pace with pandemic demand.

Dr. Bernard Casse, Founder and CEO of RIOS Intelligent Machines, will be speaking at the event. The focus of his discussion will revolve around the persistent challenges confronting manufacturers, and how automation could represent the answer they are looking for.

As the material handling industry becomes more comfortable with updating their factories, they are witnessing how robotics is an ideal way to achieve distribution goals.

Dr. Casse will discuss the "Top Three Trends in Robotics Automation" in the Industry 4.0 era and why their adoption is crucial to growth. Human hands are becoming less valuable on factory floors and need to be reassigned to where they are the most useful and robots can't reach.

Offering his expert opinion to "Executive Idea Exchange" attendees, Dr. Casse will be walking spectators step-by-step through the current state of automation and where it is going. He will explain how the current global economy places mounting pressure on suppliers and how the manufacturing sector has entered an adapt or die phase. Robotics and AI are essential to the future of the material handling industry.

The key takeaways include:

From AMR to Autonomous Forklifts to Robotic Workcells, there is a robot for every process in the facility.

The hybrid automation model that is allowing enterprise level businesses to exceed production numbers that can be easily adopted by SMBs.

Lack of a generous CapEx budget is no longer a limiting factor. New pricing offerings make robots available for businesses of all sizes.

Dr. Casse will be hosting the seminar "Top Three Trends in Robotic Automation" at the event from 2:45 pm - 3:05 pm.

Attendees of "Executive Idea Exchange" will also have the opportunity to connect and speak with MHEDA's Board of Directors and Manufacturer Board of Advisors. MHEDA will present the event in a live and in-person setting on October 12 in Nashville, TN at the Cambria Nashville Downtown Hotel.

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