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RIOS VULCAN Workcells Unpack the Future of Affordable Automation at PACK EXPO

RIOS Intelligent Machines took the 2022 PACK EXPO international conference by storm! We joined a host of leading robotic automation companies to experience the latest technology in manufacturing robotics and AI.

Out VULCAN AI-powered robotic workcell was the star of the show. It is the flagship product of RIOS Intelligent Machines and the ultimate end-of-line packaging workcell. It was engineered to be the superpower of the consumer-packaged goods industries. Its modular design provides a suite of capabilities ranging from sorting items, to packing into boxes to palletizing.

Impressively, the intelligent robot required no down-time during the entire event, which spanned from 9AM-5PM for three days. This doesn't include the additional six hours of operation after the show. In this time period, VULCAN was able to process over 30,000 bottle manipulations while maintaining a steady reliable workflow.

The most popular feature of VULCAN was its AI-vision. Customer after customer was blown-away by the intelligent machine's ability to interpret what was in front of it. This digital sight allows robots to distinguish between items based on size, shape, and weight.

While attempting to purchase machines outright would bankrupt most, Robots-as-a-Service (RaaS) offers no-capex to integrate automation into existing workflows. In a tight labor market, it is imperative for operations to investigate robotic workcell options.

At the forum Dr. Bernard Casse, CEO and founder of RIOS, stressed the importance of implementing RaaS. Companies like RIOS are key to unleashing disruptive business models and a new breed of AI-powered robotic workcells on factory floors.

Overall, Pack Expo proved to be a resounding success! We forged many new connections and partners to collaborate with as we look to introduce even more advanced technology next time. Industrial automation is becoming more crucial by the day. Now is the time for clients to explore their robotic choices and many have already recognized how automation can introduce the changes they need INSTANTLY!

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