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Robotics Innovator Presents RaaS in Emerging Technologies and Sustainability Theater at ProMat 2023

Robotics innovator, Dr. Bernard Casse, is scheduled to present in the Emerging Technologies & Sustainability Theater at the industry leading ProMat 2023 tradeshow.

Bernard will present on the topic of RaaS, or Robots-as-a-Service. RaaS is a solution to help fill open positions for operations and factory floors throughout supply chain, distribution, and manufacturing.

Plan on attending ProMat and attending the must-see seminar on How to Get Started with Robots-as-a-Service to Immediately Increase Productivity and Supplement Labor.

With a limited amount of labor resources on any given day inside a facility, robotic automation is the key to maintaining and increasing production. A new breed of quick deploying, cost-efficient robotic intelligent machines are available to automate dexterous and labor-intensive tasks such as end-of-line packaging, order fulfillment, food handling, assembly, machine tending, or inspection in a "pay as you go" Factory-as-a-Service (FaaS) pricing model. With no required upfront costs and rapid deployment, robotic workcells are a good fit for every budget and timeline.

Robotic automation is quickly transforming operations to maintain and increase production. Learn how to get started with robotic intelligent machines to recognize immediate RIO with no upfront costs or large, unforeseen maintenance fees. Discover the means of collecting and managing meaningful data and how this can positively impact the growth of your enterprise.

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