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RIOS In the News

The Importance of Investment in Robotic Automation

Featured in Robotics Tomorrow

Robotics Tomorrow connected with Dr. Bernard Casse, the founder and CEO of RIOS, to gain insight into the robotic technology advancements available to help businesses automate their entire factories, warehouses, and logistics operations.

RIOS deploys AI-powered end-to-end robotic workcells to factories of all size through a non-CapEx approach, RaaS, or robots-as-a-service. At the core, RIOS is a technology company creating bleeding-edge innovations in the robotics and AI spaces.

Automation is critical for companies in the day and age to invest in robotic automation. RIOS is using best-in-class American Technology to re-industrialize America. COVID accelerated the labor shortage and demand for industry in America. As most factories are labor driven, manufacturers are in extreme pain and unable to meet consumer demand. Companies must embrace automation otherwise cease existence.

RIOS continues to accelerate deployments and help companies secure their future by deploying robotic automation.

Read the full article at Robotics Tomorrow.

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