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This Company Is Tackling Broken Supply Chains and Outdated Manufacturing

Over the last few years, manufacturers have been forced to scramble for resources as supply chains reach their breaking point. RIOS Intelligent Machines was able to utilize the pandemic to help solve long-standing issues with labor-intensive tasks and outdated legacy industries.

RIOS wants to redefine what manufacturing facilities can accomplish. Using robotics and AI, theory is building the smart factories of the future.

Built In San Francisco asked Vineeth Velmurugan, senior technical program manager at RIOS, to discuss how his team is reworking broken supply chains and outdated manufacturing in the industry.

As Velmurugan puts it, "RIOS' approach to solving these hard problems is what the market has been waiting for."

Describe your company culture in one word.

"Versatile" is the perfect word to describe RIOS and the people who make what we do possible. Every single day new challenges rear their heads. And today's challenges are far harder than the ones that came before.

The next evolution of tasks is much harder. These are the kinds of tasks that require a novel approach and an intelligence impossible for machines to have until recently. RIOS' approach to solving these hard problems is what the market has been waiting for.

What's the coolest project you've worked on recently, and how did it help you grow professionally?

Our AI vision-based quality control solutions are raring to take over the market. Being able to train our neural models in the field and have our AI continuously improve every single day has been game-changing for customers. I learn more about what is possible and what of the currently impossible was tackle every single day from the team at RIOS.

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