Automation has historically been very capital intensive, and generally requires hefty upfront capital costs (CapEx) – this has kept many smaller organizations from investing in robotics and prevented larger ones to take on more risks. RIOS has departed from the traditional business model of directly selling millions of dollars in hardware. Instead, RIOS sells factory automation as a service.

This robots-as-a-service (RaaS) business model allows customers to fund their automation needs with zero upfront capital commitment. The RaaS model is analogous to software as a service (SaaS), the pay-as-you-go or subscription-based service model. With RaaS, customers only pay a flat monthly fee (OpEx) that includes installation, initial programming, regular software updates, re-programming as needed, maintenance, and 24x7 remote monitoring.

RaaS enables businesses to outsource a capital-intensive part of their business and offload risks. In addition, RaaS also gives organizations the ability to readily and rapidly scale up and down in response to customer demands and changing market conditions.




RIOS provides an all-inclusive automation solution for your factory. We build, deploy, and maintain full robotic workcells. Maintenance of the robotic workcell is delivered through a combination of RIOS and our preferred partners (e.g., Fanuc or Yaskawa). As part of the service package, RIOS also provides standard conveyor belts and material feeding systems that integrate your line. We will deploy millions of dollars’ worth of capital equipment at no cost to you.

In addition, RIOS partners with its network of systems integrators to provide automation beyond the line (e.g., autonomous mobile robots or other platforms) for maintaining continuous workflow in the factory. RIOS pushes the envelope of automation and provides “dark factories” with fully automated systems. As part of our “frictionless” service, we remain the sole point of contact for the customers.

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  • ROI is at least 40% with OpEx costs that are competitive with minimum wage

  • Reduced financial risks with the pay as you go scheme

  • Adjust the capacity of your production line in response to customer demand

  • "Frictionless" all-inclusive service