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Robotic Automation-as-a-Service

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The majority of factory floors need automation to survive. Businesses will continue to struggle to meet the needs of their customers with the decline of available labor as they rely on old-line equipment. 


It shouldn’t be a requirement to disrupt a bottom line to maintain growth. This is why “as a service” models have become enormously popular, especially in the consumer-goods packaging sector.


The most well-known of these solutions is robots as a service (RaaS). It offers an elevated level of convenience, cost-efficiency, and is easy to implement into existing workflows.

What is Robots as a Service?

RaaS gives each warehouse access to robotic processing automation (RPA) and its benefits without needing to pay upfront from service robots. This is an ideal solution for producers that don’t have the internal skill or resources to maintain robotic process automation services. 


The RaaS process works by factories employing intelligent hardware with cloud-based programming and automation. Users can supply power, train robots, and deploy the workcells. This speeds up production capabilities while being nimble and capable to adjust to market changes.

Benefits of RaaS for Industries

Robots as a service is being installed at an unbelievable pace due to the exceptional benefit of its flexibility, scalability, and lower cost of entry than traditional robotic services. 


Robotics systems integration provides users the ability to gather, analyze and manage data in the cloud. It keeps a seamless flow of data and uninterrupted production without compromising operations.


Manufacturers can train their robots to execute monotonous or hazardous jobs that hinder production. This form of process automation service allows producers to see fast returns on investment (ROI). 


Due to the increasing labor costs and labor shortage, businesses can also leverage automated robotic systems to implement robotic workcells into human-centric environments. 


Robotics as a service companies, such as RIOS Intelligent Machines, are ready to implement workcells that meet all your various and changing market needs.

Every day, RIOS is working to advance technology to tackle more complex and niche issues.


Robotics services and experts can help provide the most up-to-date expertise to solve robotic or analytics-related issues. Consider: will there be a direct impact on cost savings? What is the impact of the process on an enterprise-wide effort? Are there any major upcoming changes to the process?


Answering these questions will help guide you into appropriate automated robotic systems.

How Can We Help You With Robotics System Integration?

Three Steps to Implementing Robotic Processing Automation

When it comes to installing robotic automation services, there are three essential steps:

1. Search for Suitable Use Cases

This initial stage can be identified as the foundation of any robotic automation system. Look for automation corporations who have demonstrated working equipment and they are stable, standardized, and predictable.

This initial stage can be identified as the foundation of any robotic automation system. Look for

2. Prepare to Ask Questions

Which robotic service company will become essential for successful RPA programs? You have to seek answers to these needs:


  • Automation development capabilities

  • Hosting and cloud capabilities

  • Enterprise IT software development life cycle capabilities

  • Integration features

  • Security, compliance and governance capabilities

3. Qualify the Information

Be sure to review equipment, request demonstrations, and provide meaningful data to properly review the solution and ensure it will best meet your operational goals. Establish an agenda with a list of desired outcomes to ensure effective alignment with your automation provider and your bottom line profitibility.

“RIOS is a necessary piece of the puzzle to help our customers meet production goals and grow year over year with limited labor resources.”

Michael Thomas Ward, Material Handling Specialist/Engineer
V & H Material Handling

Future-proof your factory with robots as a service (RAAS)

Contact our team to see how we can help you transform your factory.

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