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Transform your business

with end-to-end robotic workcells

Driving Business Forward

With millions of jobs unfilled, we recognize our customers' existential need for a scalable robotic workforce in the factory to keep up with consumer demand and gain competitive advantage. 

We're bringing the world’s most advanced AI-powered end-to-end robotic workcells to the factory floor  to help our clients achieve real, tangible results, enabling them to drive their business forward and build the future.

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Material handling and machine tending workcell


Pack out to polybags workcell


Food handling workcell with built-in tray management system


Quality control platform

food handling.png
quality control.png


Pack out to box


Assembly line operations with AI-powered robots

Real-time production and inventory data

In-line quality testing

Predictive analytics for maintenance

Advanced planning & scheduling

Inventory tracking of raw materials & goods

Real-time adaption to shifting customer demands

Production capacity improvements with fewer defective products

machine tending.png

Platforms / Modules

Our Elysium smart factory product offering enables you to completely automate the last frontier in your factory.

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Develop and deliver the future of your business

Contact our team to see how we can help you transform your factory.

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