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American Technology

Step into the future with us and experience the revolution in automation. Our superior technology rapidly brings intelligent machinery to life, offering clients their dream factory at an unprecedented speed. We create a seamless blend of end-to-end robotic workcells, state-of-the-art AI, and top-notch hardware, all reinforced by powerful simulation-to-reality engines. This results in intelligent, production-grade machines.

What's more? Our products are fortified by RIOS-NET, a unique technology stack that encompasses over thousands of proprietary software repos, sophisticated simulation backends, comprehensive data management systems, and dedicated hardware. This contributes not only to an unparalleled customer experience but also presents formidable barriers to entry.

We've adopted a vertically-integrated strategy to revolutionize factory automation. Our formula is a complex technology stack, marrying hardware, reality-mimicking platforms, AI, and robotics into a unified powerhouse.

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  • Hardware & Software Innovations

  • AI Algorithms

  • Digital Twin Framework

  • Data Management

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Haptics Intelligence Platform


We've smashed boundaries, creating the planet's most advanced tactile sensors for robots and spearheading the evolution of haptic intelligence. Our breakthroughs give robots a human-like touch, redefining the boundaries of robotic possibilities.

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End-of-Arm Tooling


We've transformed robotic dexterity, crafting a class of superior end-of-arm tooling that rivals human finesse and speed. Our tech allows robots to handle objects just as humans would, effortlessly and rapidly. But we didn't stop there. RIOS has revolutionized food handling with our industry-leading, food-grade grippers, delicately managing your edibles with precision and care. It's technology, reinvented.


Artificial Intelligence
(AI) algorithms


At the heart of our robotic workcell pulses the rhythm of AI. We've mastered an arsenal of unique, trailblazing algorithms that redefine object recognition, pose determination, grasp point computation, and decision-making. Not to be outdone,  RIOS has ingeniously crafted its very own blend of imitation and reinforcement learning algorithms, intricately tied to our dedicated hardware. It's the essence of smart, accelerated.

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Digital Twin

We've built an unparalleled synthetic data generation platform and robotics simulation backends, bringing virtual realism to our robotic workcells. Our technology turns CAD drawings into lifelike simulations, letting us test robotic workcells in a virtual world. But it doesn't stop there. We seamlessly export these designs directly to our supply chain for rapid fabrication and assembly. It's the Digital Twin Framework, supercharged and ready to revolutionize your world.

Most Advanced

Data Management Platform

Data is the lifeblood of intelligent machinery. We've supercharged our hybrid cloud platform to prrocess terabytes of data, forge robust engineering pipelines, and standardize ML models. It's not just data management - it's data domination.

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