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RIOS Runtime     v.1.0 is included with all automation systems that RIOS offers.  RIOS Runtime   s RIOS' proprietary modern software stack that positions our customers for the future and differentiates RIOS from any other automation provider.  Broadly speaking, RIOS Runtime     simplifies the complex operations of making AI-powered robotic automation reliable into a user-friendly interface as well as linking up with RIOS Mission Control     for business intelligence and overall status monitoring by RIOS customers.  Details about RIOS Runtime    can be found here and RIOS Mission Control     can be found here.  Support tiers are per automation system.

TIER 4 - RIOS Mission Control    Only

This is our entry level Tier.  It is entirely self-service and allows customers to try out the Mission Control    user interface, upload your own data to achieve basic tasks such as basic factory layout, basic counting, and utilization of basic ML models for quality control.


TIER 3 - Bronze


This is our basic level support Tier that is appropriate for businesses looking for fundamental robotic workcell support and services. This support does not include major hardware or software upgrades. The key features include:


RIOS Runtime    v.1.0 License (No Data): Your business is provided with a license for operating a robotic automation system. This license is primarily centered around the operational aspect of our robots, ensuring you're equipped with what you need to run a given automation system effectively. This license does not include any data services beyond what is necessary for basic operation.  The license is coupled with the robotic automation system and is non-transferable. 


Security Updates:  RIOS considers software security a critical aspect of our technology. RIOS provides security updates to minimize the attack surface of RIOS Runtime     as a standard offering.  Note: This requires that the automation system be connected to the internet in order to receive the updates.  Systems which have not been connected to the internet for a long period of time will not be able to receive updates and may require a longer amount of time to process all updates.


Critical Bug Fixes: Our dedicated support team will patch any critical software glitches, ensuring that any downtime is minimal, thereby protecting your business from any severe disruptions. We guarantee prompt action in resolving significant software issues that may interfere with the operation of your robotic workcell.


Data Transfer & Ownership: All customers own a copy of the data generated by RIOS Runtime    running on their particular automation system.  RIOS makes available secure endpoints for customers to transfer this data. 


One Year Data Retention: We don't permanently store your data on the cloud or on-premise. You have two options for your data:


  • Data Transfer: If you want to retain the data, we make available secure transfer of data ownership to you. You can then store, analyze, and use this data as you see fit.

  • Data Deletion: If the data is of no use to you, we will delete it from our systems, ensuring no residual data is left, preserving your privacy, and maintaining data cleanliness.


Data Includes: We capture and provide a range of data to ensure smooth operation of the robotic workcells and furnish you with valuable operational insights. These include:


  • QC Images: High-quality images captured by our AI-powered vision system used for quality control. These images serve as proof of work and enable a thorough analysis of the product processing quality.

  • Governance Data: Multi-modal data to indicate the state of items processed.  This can be used for internal quality control as well as auditable proof that processed items met their specifications (e.g., for contract or regulatory compliance). 

  • Count, Reject, Metadata for Each Item Processed: Detailed metrics on each processed item, providing insights into throughput rates, error rates, and additional metadata for in-depth operational analysis.

  • Machine State: Real-time and historical status of the robotic workcell, indicating whether it is idle, actively processing, or in maintenance. This aids in productivity tracking and equipment utilization analysis.  Also includes data related to the administrative control and management of the robotic workcells, including usage compliance and system health status.

  • Equipment Metrology Data: Precise measurements and data related to the performance of the robots and other equipment. This information can be critical for maintaining high standards of precision and consistency in your production process.


Data Visualization Through RIOS Mission Control   : Access to and visualization of your data is made simple and convenient through our web portal, allowing you to easily monitor and manage your operations remotely.


This Bronze Tier provides the essential support and services to ensure your robotic workcell runs smoothly. For businesses looking for more extensive support and enhanced features, we recommend considering an upgrade to our Silver or Gold Tiers.


TIER 2 - Silver


Our Silver Tier support service is designed for businesses that require a higher level of support, more comprehensive data services, and advanced integrations for their robotic workcell operations. Along with all of the benefits of the Bronze Tier, the Silver Tier introduces several additional  features:


24/7 Monitoring Services: With this tier, you'll have access to comprehensive real-time monitoring services. Our support team will track the performance and productivity of your robotic workcells, identify potential issues before they escalate, and send out an alert for members of your team to act upon as well as sending out critical alerts that require urgent attention.


Advanced Analytics: With this Tier, you'll have access to comprehensive analytics and data visualization within RIOS Mission Control   .  This is particularly helpful when measuring multiple systems within a line (either with RIOS automation or with 3rd party add-ons) in order to build an estimate of equipment utilization (e.g., Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)) as well as facilitating immediate data-driven decision making.  


Per-Item QC/Governance: We offer per-item quality control and governance, using our advanced AI-powered vision system. This provides a detailed analysis for each item processed, allowing for enhanced quality assurance and effective management.  This can be used for internal quality control as well as auditable proof that processed items met their specifications (e.g., for contract or regulatory compliance).  Additionally, unlike most other QC offerings, RIOS incorporates the ability to reject or otherwise divert those items failing quality standards, thereby maintaining high-quality output and reducing waste.


Integration Services: You'll receive integration services with warehouse management systems (WMS) such as RedZone or other relevant systems. This will allow for more streamlined operations, as our robotic workcells will be able to seamlessly communicate and work in conjunction with your existing systems.


Updated QC Models as SKUs Change or New Defect Modes Arise or Are Discovered: As part of our commitment to ensuring the highest quality control, we will regularly update the QC models. This feature is particularly crucial when your SKUs change or new defect modes arise or are discovered. Our system adapts to these changes, ensuring continued efficiency and quality in your production process.  Included with this service are 12 new QC models per year.  Additional model updates can be purchased a la carte or in bulk.


The Silver Tier offers a broader range of services and support, designed to enhance your control over operations and boost the overall efficiency of your robotic workcells. For businesses seeking the highest level of service and the most advanced features, we recommend considering an upgrade to our Gold Tier.


TIER 1 - Gold


Our Gold Tier is the highest level of support RIOS offer (Factory Automation-as-a-Service at its best), crafted for businesses seeking the most comprehensive, proactive, and advanced level of service. As part of the Gold Tier, we guarantees the performance of in-scope automation.  Additionally, this Tier focuses on enhancing production efficiency, maximizing operational capacity, and fostering continuous improvement. The key features of the Gold Tier include:


Ongoing Support & Service:


Dedicated On-site Field Service Operators: With this offering, your organization will have our experienced service operators on-site. They are trained to troubleshoot, maintain, and optimize the robotic systems in real-time, ensuring minimum downtime and maximum productivity. Having them onsite enhances communication, reduces response time, and allows for a more personalized service experience. Additionally, on-site field service operators are supported by RIOS' worldwide team of engineers (for 24/7 coverage) to ensure that every issue is resolved as rapidly as possible.


Preventive  Maintenance: This includes periodic checks, fine-tuning, routine servicing, and preventative repairs of the robotic workcells. The main advantage of preventive maintenance is to avert any potential system failures, thereby minimizing unplanned downtime, extending the equipment's life, and ensuring continuous, smooth operations as well as maintaining high OEE.


Replacement Parts and Consumables: We keep a close track of the wear and tear of all equipment parts and provide immediate replacements to prevent any potential disruptions as well as unplanned disruptions. This includes replacing consumables that wear out over time, maintaining the optimum condition of your robotic workcells.


Data Storage and Egress Fees: All costs for data storage, retrieval, and transfer are covered in this tier. This means you have seamless access to your data whenever needed without worrying about the associated costs, allowing you to focus on analysis and decision-making.


24/7 Remote Intervention: With this service, we continually monitor your robotic systems remotely, identifying and rectifying any issues as they arise. Our site reliability engineers and support teams are ready to intervene at any hour, minimizing downtime, and ensuring your operations run smoothly around the clock.


Software and Hardware Optimization Upgrades: To ensure that RIOS robotic workcells are always operating at their peak, we regularly perform software updates and hardware upgrades. This means equipping your systems with the latest technology enhancements, leading to improved performance, better efficiency, and increased longevity.


Outcomes & Continuous Improvement:


Guaranteed Consistent Production at Mutually Agreed Key Performance Indicators (KPIs): We collaborate with your team to define KPIs and then ensure our systems meet those performance metrics consistently. This ensures that your business objectives are being met, leading to increased productivity and efficiency.


Upskilling Your Workforce to RIOS Certified Technicians: As part of this tier, RIOS offer training programs to upskill your workforce. They will gain expert knowledge of our robotic systems, enabling them to perform minor troubleshooting and maintenance independently, thereby reducing the dependency on our field operators and leading to even quicker "in the moment" issue resolution.


Lower Operating Costs/Overtime: By optimizing the efficiency of your robotic workcells, we aim to reduce your operating costs. This includes less need for overtime work due to increased operational efficiency, which leads to lower labor costs.


Increased Production Capacity and Speed: RIOS advanced technology and support aim to enhance your production capabilities. We strive to boost both the volume of production and the speed at which items are processed, thus helping you to meet higher demand and deadlines more effectively.


Increased Gross Margin: By reducing operational costs and increasing production, we aim to significantly boost your gross margins, thus contributing to higher profitability.


Yield Loss Reduction and Optimized Bottlenecks: Our systems aim to minimize yield loss by identifying and rectifying sources of waste and inefficiencies. Additionally, we identify bottlenecks in your production process and work with you to optimize them to ensure smooth and efficient operations.


Time and Materials

Any additional services or support required beyond the included offerings will be billed based on the actual time and materials used. This transparent and fair approach ensures you only pay for what you need.











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