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Box Packaging
Machines Vulcan:

Pack Out to Box


After COVID-19 hit, the adoption of automation allowed manufacturers to accomplish what they could even comprehend. Adapting to the changes are necessary to keep up with post-pandemic demand. The wave of automation packaging solutions has become a mainstream technology – and for good reason.

What Box Packaging Equipment is Suitable for?

There are a number of different automated packaging systems to choose from. The machine packing box is considered end-of-line (EoL) automation. The robotic workcells complete the final steps of the production process which includes securing goods for loading, unloading, and transport. 


Each manufacturer has their own set of needs to be at the top of their production game. By identifying overall weak spots in an assembly line, it is easier to understand what your factory floors require. Automatic machines also free up employees to move on to more complex jobs and away from risky positions.

The ultimate pack out to box

VULCAN is a flagship product and the ultimate end-of-line packaging machine. It was engineered to be the superpower of the consumer-packaged goods industries. Its modular design has a suite of capabilities ranging from sorting items, packing items into boxes, to palletizing.

machine tending.png

Features and Options

Fulfill orders faster while seeing greater capacity and scalability

Unloading various equipment or conveyors

Packaging line have no down time and can work reliably 24/7

Detection and rejection of inconsistent goods

Able to pick many products and a variety of weights

Better performance with human-machine operation system

Operation & Performance

RIOS rapidly deploys workcells to get customer operations running smoothly. RaaS includes installation, acceptance testing, ongoing support, and preventative maintenance.

Up to 60 Items
Per Minute

In Days

1.5x faster than human operator

within 0.1"

Data to future proof business


Companies like RIOS Intelligent Machines are displaying impressive capabilities of these machines. For example, RIOS packing operating systems are deployable in days and can pack up to 60 items per minute. This process moves about 1.5x faster than a human operator and is accurate within 0.1.”

Quality Management

By employing a box packing machine, customers will learn exactly how much waste they’ve been creating. Relying on robots to track things like material use, manufacturers can save time and money.


The higher quality of work reduces risk to employees and saves capital. These machines are designed to run 24/7, which increases output capacity. The AI-powered workcells can make split second decisions and is capable of keeping production running smoothly – even when it faces an unsuitable product on the assembly line.

How the Box Packing Machine Is Installed

Halting a line for installation takes away from production time, which means orders backup and money is burned in front of your eyes. This is why box packaging machine manufacturers, like RIOS, are crucial to customers. 


Integrated packaging machinery allows for rapid deployment of robots to clients. This includes assistance with installation, acceptance testing, ongoing support, and preventative maintenance through Robots-as-a-Service (RaaS).

How to Work with RIOS

RIOS provides Factory Automation-as-a-Service (FaaS) and enables manufacturers of all sizes to have access to leading-edge automation without upfront financial commitments.


VULCAN, flagship product of RIOS, is the ultimate pack out to box machine. These blitz deployed machines are engineered to be the superpower of the consumer-packaged goods industries.


The smart factory of the future will be powered by robotics and AI. By integrating client data and decisions, and operations, they become empowered to effectively manage their entire production lines.


  • How long is your machine's warranty period?

Our contracts are RaaS. All equipment is covered as long as contracts last (i.e., forever)

  • How do you provide after-sales service?

Our contracts are RaaS. We provided dedicated Customer Success representatives as well as industry leading 24/7 monitoring & support.

“RIOS is a necessary piece of the puzzle to help our customers meet production goals and grow year over year with limited labor resources.”

Michael Thomas Ward, Material Handling Specialist/Engineer
V & H Material Handling


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